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Welcome to my brand-new blog! I appreciate you stopping by. I have wonderful ideas to share with you. My main concern is this: be more positive. Yes, I know, you’ve heard that said a lot, but you must study The Law of Attraction, which maintains that positive energy in your own mind’s universe transforms into positive energy throughout the whole universe. I am not just speaking about God, heaven, or even Jesus. I am speaking about every living thing, and even non-living things, that pure positive energy comes throughout the known galaxy, and possibly the unknown galaxies, and turns into stars, planets, then living things and finally the human condition. We are connected to the planet in so many ways. You may or may not believe in global warming, but how many creatures have populated the earth, and how much does everything on it depend on everything else? .

What If

If you are a farmer, or have produced a garden, then you know how much the soil itself, the ground, dirt, what is underneath our feet in our backyard and under the skyscrapers that now dominate our cities, is important to creating life, creating plants for us to nourish ourselves and the animals we may or may not consume. You are breathing air that is full of toxins, sure, but also full of pollen, bacteria, viruses, and just plain electrons, neutrons, and protons that make up atoms, which turn into molecules in the air we breathe, water that nourishes the ground, and everything else that connects us to this planet and the other planets in the galaxy.

what if

What if aliens did exist? Let’s not say you must believe in aliens. But you meet someone from another planet, and the alien says, “Hey, this is a nice-looking blue and green planet. Is it nice to live on?” Heck, no, most of the time, we would have to say honestly. We just finished a 20-year war that is not really over because the people we were fighting also control the people who were just standing around, as shocked as we are that planes hit the World Trade Center. Terrorism is not new to the planet. The name is new, sure, but wars have been fought on this planet since two cavemen wrestled over the first rock that was used as a pillow. The world has not changed.